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Totes and Zippered Totes

Tote Bags
Size: 10.5" wide x 14.0" tall x 5.0" deep with 24"
long handles
(Natural White Canvas).
Price includes your wording
(limit 6 words) and any stick figure body with head in full color with flesh tone faces.
Zippered Totes
Size: 18" x 14 1/2"
with  6 1/2" gusset bottom

Zippered totes are available in pink, lime green, or black. Zipper Totes have main zippered compartment with interior zipper pocket. Includes pink, green or black diagonal border to match color of tote or an optional pencil border and your choice of one of the layouts. You may also substitute the layout for any body  with the pink, green, black or pencil border.

Tote Bag Teacher
  Tote Bag Teacher Chalkboard   Zippered Tote Teacher

©Pen at Hand, Inc./Ronnie Horowitz


©Pen at Hand, Inc./Ronnie Horowitz


©Pen at Hand, Inc./Ronnie Horowitz

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