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Personalized Large Foldover Cards

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Full Color PRICE CODE: H  Black Ink (if available) PRICE CODE: B

See body and head limits specified for each item.
Extra fee to add any "Logo Singles" not shown on sample.
Includes blank white envelopes. Size 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" (when folded)

To order...follow our three easy steps:  (Use general order form)
Step 1: Choose a layout from the name written above the sample
Step 2: Give the full name/family name as it should appear on the card in any typestyle
Step 3: Choose a head numbers and bodies (up to 6)

LGFO-1   LGFO-1 (black ink)
personalized card   personalized card

Type: ballprint  Includes sun, house & flowers (Specify to omit) You can substitute house for Apt. or house & palm Includes 6 bodies/pets


Type: ballprint  Available on white, pink or blue cards. Includes 6 bodies/pets; 5 are shown here.

personalized card   personalized card
Type: impress BT   Includes 6 bodies/pets. Includes sun (specify to omit) Also available in black ink   Type: parade  Available in Full Color Only. Includes 6 heads/pets. Includes couch & TV

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