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Personalized Thank You Cards

Size: 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" 
Available in Black outline-(Price Group E) or Full Color-(Price Group G)
Black Outline Cards can be printed on white linen, blue linen, or parchment pink cardstock.
Full Color cards are printed on white cardstock.
Choose from these four layouts to create a custom
flat note card. Cards show position of bodies. Both price groups include up to 6 bodies/pets.
Extra fee for adding extra bodies or any single logos. Includes blank envelopes.

To order...follow these easy steps: 
(Use general order form)
Step 1: Choose a layout from the name written above the sample image
Step 2: Give the full name/family name as it should appear on the card.
Step 3: Choose a typestyle.
Step 4: Choose Full Color head numbers and Full Color bodies or
Black Ink head numbers and Black Ink Bodies (up to 6)

**Click on an image to enlarge**

FC basic 1   FC basic 1 (black ink)
personalized thankyou card   personalized thankyou card

Type: ballprint  Includes sun, house & flowers (Specify to omit) You can substitute house for Apt. or house & palm Bodies positioned as shown.


      FC basic-2   FC basic-boy   FC basic-girl
personalized thankyou card   personalized thankyou card   personalized thankyou card
Type: cosmic two Body (Bodies) positioned bottom left. May omit sun & cloud if specified   Type: comic sans Body positioned bottom left. Includes: Stars at top   Type: kidprint Body positioned bottom left. Includes: hearts at top

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