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5 1/2" x 4 1/4"  Available in full color ONLY! They are shown alphabetically by "Theme" name. Order with the full name over each card. They match the full color Theme Labels shown in the display book label section.  Layouts are AS SHOWN! These DO NOT come with a character or any additional logos! PRICE CODE: G. Comes with blank white envelopes. Envelope imprinting available. Extra "body" fee to add a body in an empty space on the card plus you must indicate layout with a diagram.

**Any of these cards can be used as custom invitations. You add your wording & typestyle...PRICE CODE: F**

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FC Drums   FC Electric   FC Festival   FC Fishing

FC Flamingo   FC Flower bouquet   FC Flower   FC Football

FC Fruits   FC Golf   FC Graduate   FC Knitting

FC Mahj   FC Office   FC Patriot   FC Peace

FC Piano   FC Picnic   FC Police   FC Purse

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